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Let’s talk Plavac

Plavac, or Plavac Mali, is the primary varietal grown on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. This grape is a cross between Crljenak Kaštelanski (from the Zinfandel family) and Dobričić (The name refers to small blue grapes that the vines produce (plavo=blue, mali=small). It is one of Croatia’s most sought-after wines and it is the most commonly planted varietal in the country.

The resulting wines are characteristically hot (high alcohol) with grippy tannins. Common flavors and aromas of plavac are blackberries, dark cherries, pepper, and spice. If the grapes are grown in medium climate the resulting profile will be more akin to Black cherry, while those grown in hot climate will have more licorice, black pepper, and clove notes. These dense, robust reds are rich and flavorful. They are light bodied with complex aromas and finish. The burst of tannins will leave your watering mouth wanting another sip.
You can find plavac and plavac blends, like Bilo Idro & Bura Galeria pictured, at Montavino – to the left of our rose section.
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