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About Ray

Ray opened Montavino in the year 2000 after serving downtown Wooster’s downtown social scene for many years. Among many other endeavors, Ray most famously operated the state liquor store in Wooster, Ohio. In 1999, he and his then-partner saw a need and a unique opportunity for a store and bar dedicated primarily to wine in the Wayne County area. It would be a store that offered more selections and better advice than the grocery stores, and more wine than just lusciously sweet local wines. Steve was inspired by years of travel and being a wine afficionado, while Ray was inspired by Steve’s passion and the impressive and extensive world of wine. Steve left Montavino in 2010, but the service has remained stellar and our passion for the wine business continues to grow with each passing day.

About Tiffany

Tiffany is an Orrville, Ohio native and a licensed attorney in the State of Ohio. She began working at Montavino in 2016 on a part-time basis and continued to work at the store while attending law school at Ohio Northern University. During this time, Tiffany developed an expansive knowledge of wine, a love for the business, and a deep connection to the customers at Montavino.