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Let’s talk Claret

Claret” is actually a British nickname given to red Bordeaux-style wines. Bordeaux wines come from the Bordeaux region of France and are famously composed of 5-7 grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon (most traditional primary grape & these account for the most expensive), Merlot (most common), Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Carménère. Red Bordeaux may also include Petit Verdot and/or Muscadelle grapes. And Claret is simply that- a wine composed of some combination of those same grapes.

In regions outside of Bordeaux, France, wine makers often name their blend after the primary grape inside (such as the Coppola Claret Cab, pictured here). Other than “Claret,” you may also see Bordeaux blends in the U.S. with proprietary names, “Propietary Wine” on the label, or “Meritage Wine,” if they are part of the Meritage Association.

Coppola Claret can be found in our domestic Cabernet Sauvignon section. Stop in for a bottle.

So glad we could clear this one up. And to think! You were #TooAfraidToAsk