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Let’s Talk Beaujolais nouveau

It’s been a while since we’ve talked!
Let’s talk #BeaujolaisNouveau. This is a red wine produced from Gamay grapes (Gamay noir à Jus blanc, if you’re formal) in Beaujolais, France. It has a short fermentation process, over just the few weeks before its release date. They are released the third Thursday of November every year, and they’re meant to be consumed young.
The tradition began way back in the 1800s, when the vintners in Beaujolais would celebrate the end of harvest with a toast of young wines of the year (young wines, or as the French would say “vin de premeur”). The tradition grew, with barkeeps buying the Beaujolais wine by the barrel, and serving it from pitchers they’d dip into the barrels to fill.
Interestingly, when the Beaujolais AOC was officially established in 1937, the strict rules prohibited them from releasing until after December 15. In 1951, they officially established November 15 as the release date to bring it back. In 1985, it was designated to release the third Thursday of November in order to ensure consistency.
The Gamay grapes thrive in the region’s schisty soil. The fact that all grapes in Beaujolais have to be hand-harvested by law only adds to the quality!
Wondering where to find some? Our 2022’s come in Friday November 18, 2022. 
So glad we could clear this one up! And to think- you were #TooAfraidtoAsk !